Agassiz Slough Floodbox Replacement


Agassiz, BC


District of Kent



Project Overview

Jakes was contracted to replace an old collapsing 1200mm round culvert with an improved 3.65m wide x 1.83m tall x 33.5m long precast box culvert. The new box culvert also included built-in fish baffles and fish gravels to improve the existing habitat and promote easier access for salmon. Since the culvert is part of the dike system, large custom headwalls and a stainless-steel flood gate were also installed, improving the communities flood protection.

For this project, we used aquadams to block the waterflow during construction. The quick installation reduced the construction time in the slough, minimizing environmental impact. We also used a crane to set the box culvert and headwall components while using timber piles to support the large headwalls.