It’s the Jakes Way or the Highway

Whether we’re paving a highway or repairing major infrastructure, the Jakes way is not being afraid to roll your sleeves up, get your hands dirty, and put in a hard day’s work. It’s putting in that extra elbow grease when needed to deliver exceptional results at every level. It’s thinking outside the box to solve complex challenges as they arise, using your hands and your head in equal measure. And above all else, it’s about upholding our commitment to getting the job done right.

Our Principles

Capable. Resourceful. Committed.

These words serve as our guiding principles. Everyone at Jakes Construction is capable of completing the most difficult tasks to the highest standards, resourceful enough to navigate any problems that may arise, and committed to seeing the project through to the end. By doing things the Jakes way, we strive to embody these qualities in everything we do.

Let’s work together.